First Baptist Church of Chiefland
Monday, March 19, 2018

Membership Courses

There are three core membership courses which are offered at various times throughout the year and during special workshops:
Beyond Membership: This course examines the purpose of God's church, some functions used to bring about that purpose, the basic beliefs of FBC Chiefland, and how this church is structured to achieve its purpose. This is a four session course.
Beyond Religion: Based on the basic premise that we are not in religion but relationship, this four session course interacts with the disciplines of prayer, Bible study, worship and ministry connecting them with not what we do - but who we are. 
Beyond Me: God has called us to make disciples - or multipliers. God has given each of us a unique assignment to carry that out and He has equipped us accordingly.  Beyond Me is a two session course designed to help identify ways to contribute in this process.