First Baptist Church of Chiefland
Monday, March 19, 2018

Gordon Keller

How did you meet your wife?
We met before I can remember.  Shortly after my parents were saved, we began attending church; I was around four years old.  Linda’s father was the music minister at the church... so, it was sometime shortly thereafter I met my life partner for the first time.
Brag on your children for a moment.
Our oldest is Wayne.  He is married to Kelley and together they have two wonderful children, Ethan and Bethany.  Our daughter, Robyn, has also given us two wonderful grandchildren, Hayden and Peyton.  Our children and Kelly have given their hearts to the Lord along with both grandsons.  We continue to pray that Christ will save our grandchildren.

Where did you go to school?
I graduated from St. Augustine High and after surrendering to the ministry, I began St. Johns Jr. River College.  While working as a Singles Minister at my home church, I continued my education at Luther Rice Seminary in Jacksonville Florida.  

Tell a little about your ministry experience.
We began our ministry working with singles for over three years.  During that time, God was developing within me a passion and desire to shepherd a church and I accepted the call to pastor Parker Road Baptist in Gainesville where we served for thirteen years.  After completing our work there, we accepted the call to First Baptist Branford and served faithfully there until recently when we accepted the call to pastor here at FBC Chiefland in January 2010.

What is your favorite memory from your ministry?
While there are too many to name just one, perhaps the most memorable among many was the priviledge to share Jesus and His gift of salvation with my two grandsons and then have the honor of baptizing them.
What book have you read recently that has been an encouragement to you?
I am currently reading Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado.  In this book, the author reminds us that God has always used normal, everyday people to change the world.  The disciples were ordinary people, working regular jobs, living normal lives.  But they answered the call to follow Jesus and ultimately changed the world.  God is still looking for regular folks - soccer moms, blue-collar workers, students - anyone who is willing to answer God's call to make an extraordinary difference.
Who are your heroes of the faith?
The first would be my mother and father who pioneered the path which I now tread.  Outside my family influence, Dr. Adrian Rogers who is one of my modern-day heroes of the faith.  Within the confines of the Bible, I would have to say the Apostle Paul who clearly demonstrates what it means to be a committed Christ follower. 
Do you have any hobbies?
Hunting and fishing are my favorite.  I am blessed and grateful that my family too enjoy these hobbies and that allows me to spend time with my family which is my greatest pleasure.
Share one unusual fact about you.
I had the opportunity of growing up in St. Augustine where the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind is located. My home church offered sign language classes allowing me to learn a second language.  After a few years of studying, I had the priviledge of interpreting God's word during the worship services for about six years.