First Baptist Church of Chiefland
Monday, March 19, 2018


Children's ministry is one of our most exciting and fastest growing parts of our church. Here are some of the opportunities for children up through 5th grade:
Children's Church: After Sunday School, children participate in a separate time of worship called Worship Kid Style.  This is a Bible study and worship experience for elementary-aged children, all rolled into one.  Building off themes that are fun and exciting for kids,Worship Kid Style is fast moving and allows allows each child to encounter God personally each week in a dynamic, interactive, high-tech environment.
Toddlerific: Wiggling, squirming, poking, tumbling... children ages 2 & 3 are constantly exploring the world around them and learning something new from every experience.  Children understand more and more of God through relationships, personal experiences and knowledge.  As they move through emotional, social, physical and mental stages of development, they also move through stages of faith development. Toddlerific lessons introduce 2 and 3 years old to God by giving them concrete experiences that will prepare them to receive God's transforming power!
Worship Kidstyle: Worship Kidstyle will bring Bible stories to life and bring a Bible truth home in a way  4 & 5 year old children and Kindergartens will understand.  The various activities will show the children how God's Word relates to them - today!
Mission Adventures: Our 1st & 2nd grade spend time learning about missions and missionaries in the U.S. and abroad.  They also experience the various cultures the missionaries live and work in on game and food nights.
Extreme Missions: Children in grades 3 through 5 discover the excitement, challenges, and joy of missions.  Students will learn how to pray effectively for world missions, trust God in all circumstances, and sharing their faith and take risks for the sake of the gospel.  Extreme Missions will take the faith in the student's heart and use it to join God's call the reach the world for Him.
Special Events: In addition to the regular activities, children have the opportunity to participate in special events such as Vacation Bible School, CentriKid and more.

Upcoming Events!

Vacation Bible School: June 4-8th// 8:30-12 noon// age 4 years to 5th grade 
2018 Summer Camp: CentriKid June 18-22, 2018 Lake Yale Conference Center, Lake Yale, FL., Cost: $330. $50 Deposit due 2/12/18.